An-225 Mriya — the world's largest plane

The Ukrainian AN-225 is a super-heavy transport aircraft created by the Kyiv Antonov Aircraft Concern. The plane performed its first flight in 1988. Constructed in only one copy, the aircraft was the largest and the most powerful in the world.

The maximum takeoff weight of the “Mriya” is 640 tons. In comparison, the world's third largest American military transport aircraft C-5 Galaxy has a maximum takeoff weight of 381 tons. The second largest in the world is also the Ukrainian aircraft manufactured by Antonov - AN-124 “Ruslan”, which, unfortunately, was also damaged by Russia at the airport in Gostomel during the Battle of Kyiv.

The “Mriya” was included into the Guinness Book of Records for achieving more than two hundred records on the same aircraft, which is a unique case in the history of world aviation.

AN-225 “Mriya” and AN-124 “Ruslan” made it possible to deliver what was previously impossible to transport by air (for example, locomotives, 150-ton generators, etc.).

Both aircrafts were often used for humanitarian missions. With the impact of COVID-19, the “Mriya”has played a very important role in the international delivery of medical supplies and medicines.

In the first days of Russia's invasion of Ukraine, which began on February 24, 2022, the “Mriya” was insidiously destroyed at Gostomel Airport by an enemy aircraft attack during unsuccessful attempts to capture Kyiv. Only a few engines, wing elements and other construction details have survived, which can be used in the future to create a new legendary AN-225. Antonov Aircraft Concern plans to do that with the help of the current scientific and technical capacity. A special Fund for Contributions to the Restoration of the “Mriya” has been established.

The income from the sale of “AN-225 “Mriya”– theworld's largest aircraft” Ukrainian Puzzles will transfer to the special account of this Fund, created by the Antonov Aircraft Concern to restore the “Mriya”.

Moreover, the contributions can be made directly from any country due to the details below:


Account number (IBAN): UA943204780000026000000202383

MFI Bank: 320478

Recipient: SE "ANTONOV"

USREOU / TIN code: 14307529

Beneficiary Bank: JSB “UKRGASBANK”