Kharkiv is one of the most beautiful Ukrainian cities, about which one may talk endlessly. This is administrative center of KharkivOblast, one of the largest Ukrainian cities and a real cultural and scientific center of modern Ukraine. Kharkiv's population grew steadily in the postwar period and reached 1,420,000 in 2022, including more than 100 nationalities.

The role of this city in the state economy is difficult to overestimate, as it is one of the largest industrial centers in Ukraine. The city has five industrial zones, each of which contains groups of enterprises. Among the main industries that play a key role for Ukraine are engineering, chemical, food, fuel and electricity.

Kharkiv is filled with architectural monuments that carry the memory of the rich Ukrainian history. The center of Kharkiv is a special place filled with an unusual atmosphere, which is difficult to describe in words. However, it is easily felt while being in the city.

Among the attractions of Kharkiv arethe Vasyl N. KarazinKharkiv National University,State Scientific V. Korolenko-library and the Scientific Library of Kharkiv University, Opera and Philharmonic, Assumption Cathedral and others. Kharkiv is the educational capital of Ukraine. At the beginning of 2022 there were 59 higher education institutions. Many of them are considered to be the best in Europe and have national status.

The real gem of religious life in Kharkiv is the Assumption Cathedral, the oldest Orthodox cathedral in the city. Itwas firstly mentioned in written sources in 1658. The first variant of the church was built of wood, and instead of real wooden icons, the walls were decorated with paper versions. In 1733 a large fire broke out in the city, as a result of which the cathedral was damaged. The new cathedral was being built from 1771 to 1777.

In World War II, the Assumption Cathedral survived despite the fact that all the buildings around it were destroyed. On March 1 and 2, 2022, Russian troops periodically fired the cruise missiles at the city, severely damaging both the historic center and the Assumption Cathedral itself. In particular, the cruise missile hit the building of the regional state administration, which is beyond repair (it will have to be rebuilt). 7 people were killed and 20 were injured.

As for the destruction of the Assumption Cathedral, the building was partially damaged (windows and stained glass windows were broken, decorative elements were damaged). Fortunately, there were no injured or dead. In addition to the historic center, the regional state administration and the Assumption Cathedral, other architectural monuments were destroyed, as well as numerous objects of civil infrastructure.

Dormition Cathedral and Kharkiv Downtown
Dormition Cathedral and Kharkiv Downtown
Dormition Cathedral and Kharkiv Downtown
Dormition Cathedral and Kharkiv Downtown
Dormition Cathedral and Kharkiv Downtown
Dormition Cathedral and Kharkiv Downtown

Dormition Cathedral and Kharkiv Downtown

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