Chernihiv is a wonderful city in the north of Ukraine, which plays an extremely important role in the functioning of the modern Ukrainian country. In 2022 the city's population reaches more than 280,000 inhabitants. There are several state and foreign banks in the city. Industry is represented by machine-building, food, energy, chemical and construction industries. Hundreds of enterprises are working for the benefit of the country, improving Ukraine's economy.

In addition to industry, Chernihiv is rich in cultural monuments.The Chernihiv Regional Library for Youth is a beautiful and extremely important architectural monument of the late 19th century, located in the city of Chernihiv, in the north of Ukraine. In general, it should be said that the institution occupies a significant area. The history of this place was quite rich. The library was founded on February 1, 1978. Since that times the building became an active institution in which young people had the opportunity to gain free access to the literature.

It used to be an educational institution (orphanage), which was re-equipped in 1900-1901 by the will of V. Tarnovsky (the owner of the premises). It became the only Ukrainian museum in the Russian Empire. Furthermore, it is worth noting that it was V. Tarnovsky who handed over to the city of Chernihiv monuments of history and culture of Ukrainian people. Among them are manuscripts, personal belongings and works of art by Taras Shevchenko.

Special attention should be paid to the main building, which is structurally decorated in Gothic style and complemented by antique stained glass. The ancient building certainly attracted not only cultural personalities and historians, but also the guests of the city.

On March 11, 2022, the main building of the Chernihiv Regional Library for Youth named after V. Tarnovsky was damaged as a result of systematic shelling of the city of Chernihiv by Russian troops. Thus, Russia has once again expressed its hatred for everything Ukrainian, for Ukrainian history and culture. Despite the fact that the building survived the Second World War, it now needs reconstruction.

Chernihiv Youth Library
Chernihiv Youth Library
Chernihiv Youth Library
Chernihiv Youth Library
Chernihiv Youth Library

Chernihiv Youth Library

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